About Us

  How did The Sweat Relief Company get started?  Hello!  My name is Joan.  I am in the picture above (holding Blaster) and I am the founder of this company.  About eight years ago I was in the habit of going for a jog every morning.  I had two running shirts and I alternated them every other day.  One was made of cotton, the other was made of polyester.  I realized that the cotton t-shirt absorbed the sweat off my body and by the end of my run, the shirt was drenched in sweat.  But the cotton fabric was helpful in wiping away the sweat from my face after a sweaty run.  On the days I was wearing my polyester shirt I realized that the shirt did not feel sticky because it had sweat-wicking properties.  That was a good thing.  But I couldn't use the bottom of my shirt to wipe away the sweat from my face because the fabric was not absorbing my sweat.  I wondered what would happen if I removed the bottom of a polyester shirt and replaced it with cotton fabric - could I use the cotton fabric to wipe away the sweat from my face but still benefit from the sweat-wicking fabric that made up the rest of the shirt? 🤔 This is how my first "Sweaty Tee" design called, Tee with Attached Front Panel was created.  (Later, I replaced the cotton fabric with terry cloth for extra absorbency, and switched to recycled polyester instead of polyester fabric.)   
   Many other designs followed with the same idea in mind, but they weren't quite right.  After much trial and error, I came up with a second design also worthy of public attention - the Sweaty Tee design called, Tee with Terry Cloth Pocket and Mini-Towel. 
   Today, I am happy to make these two new, unique and very useful Sweaty Tees available to all of us who like to workout, but wouldn't mind feeling drier during sweaty workouts.  So from now on, we can feel good about getting sweaty! 💦

   P.S. Although I prefer to workout in tee shirts, I know that other people prefer to workout in tank tops, sleeveless tees, and long sleeve shirts.  We make the Sweaty Tee designs for these types of shirts as well. 💦👕

   P.P.S.  We like to customize - do you want a purple shirt with a pink pocket, and a turquoise mini-towel?  A panel the colors of a flag?  Team shirts?  Just ask! 🤩

   P.P.S.S. Let's get sweaty! 💧💕