AHhh! Sweat Relief!

Two unique tee shirt designs that are so useful, we're wiping out the competion with them!

Our unique tee-shirts incorporate sweat-absorbing, terry cloth mini-towels for you to use to quickly and conveniently wipe off annoying, dripping sweat from your face, neck and hands. 

Our two tee-shirt designs were created for those of us who get sweaty hands, faces and necks when we exercise and find that sweaty feeling pretty annoying!  Wear them, and you will hate having to workout a lot less!

We make our shirts in two ways: 1. a tee with a pocket that holds a mini-towel, and your mini-towel is just the right size to absorb your sweat without weighing you down; and 2. a tee with a built-in mini-towel at the lower front of your shirt to dry your hands and face.

We also make shorts and joggers with pockets that are just the right size for holding a mini-towel.

The Sweat Relief Company. Tees with mini-towels for big sweat relief. We're the solution to annoying sweat!

Our mighty mini-towels keep you feeling dry and comfy!

Don't dread your workouts any longer!
When you know you can easily wipe off dripping sweat, you won't associate negative feelings with working out. Feeling dry makes a big difference in how you feel and think about your workout!

A pocket-sized solution for a sweaty workout!

A sweat-absorbing mini-towel that stays clean in your pocket until you need it.

Tee with pocket

A pocket-sized solution to all your sweaty needs!

a pocket with a one-two punch!

Wipe your hands dry on the outside of the pocket (it's made of terry cloth). Use the mini-towel inside the pocket to dry your sweaty face and neck. Your mini-towel stays nice and clean.

Get the most out of your workout!

Eliminate dripping sweat.

Our mini-towels offer big sweat relief!

Make our shirts with mini-towels part of your daily workout routine.

Sweat Relief for a sweaty situation!

Your mini-towel is always there for you when you need it.
Great for after school activities and summer camp!

A sweat-wicking tee shirt with a built-in, sweat-absorbing terry cloth panel at the lower front to wipe away sweat. It helps to quickly and conveniently get rid of annoying sweat, and keeps you feeling dry during sweaty activities.

Just Listen to the benefits of our tee with pocket and mini-towel.

A tee-riffic sweat solution so you can Enjoy your workout more!

Tee with pocket to hold your mini-towel.

we're making our competition sweat! (They'll wish they had one of our tees!)

Contact Us!

Ask us how the Sweat Relief Company got started and where we are headed. Tell us how much of a difference feeling dry while working out makes! Doesn't it feel great to wipe your sweat off of your face, forehead and neck? 😀 We would like to hear from you and how our clothing makes you feel! Are you working out more often and with less sweaty discomfort? Pictures and videos are also very welcome!

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If you have any questions or would like to provide feedback, don't hesitate to call or e-mail us.

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