Women's tank top

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A light-weight sweat-wicking, 100% polyester, racerback tank top combined with Sweaty Tee's specially designed detachable panel.  The panel is made of 100% sweat-absorbing terry cloth cotton.  The mini-towel attaches and detaches to the shirt in two locations - at the lower back/side area and at the torso in front - for easy panel access during all types of sweaty activities.  When mini-towel is attached at the front torso, you can use the glider, elliptical and step master without having to detach - simply lift the panel up to your face and neck.  You will avoid getting your arms caught in the arms of the equipment by simply lifting the towel upwards towards your face.  Regular towels, placed nearby, could cause you to reach horizontally and get hurt.  When the panel is attached at the lower back/side area, you can run and walk and wipe away sweat with the panel conveniently attached behind you and out of your way.  The mini-towel attaches with plastic snap fasteners. The entire garment is machine wash and dry regular, no chlorine bleach or fabric softener.