tee with pocket - bright blue

tee with pocket - bright blue

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Wipe away annoying sweat.  Enjoy working out more without dripping sweat getting in the way!

  • 100% polyester shirt
  • Pocket is light-weight terry cloth cotton to dry sweaty hands
  • Pocket holds a mini-towel to wipe sweat from neck and face
  • Shirt has sweat-wicking technology
  • Quickly and conveniently wipe off dripping sweat
  • Machine wash and dry or dry flat
  • White mini-towel included

The pocket comfortably holds a mini-towel while you are working out.  For sweaty hands, just wipe your hands dry on the outside of the pocket.  For a sweaty face and neck, remove your mini-towel from the pocket and wipe these areas dry.  This design is great to wear for the elliptical, treadmill, cycling, walking and hiking.  The tee is sweat-wicking polyester.  The pocket and mini-towel are 100% sweat-absorbing, terry cloth cotton.  This unique combination quickly and conveniently gets rid of annoying sweat and keeps you feeling dry during sweaty workouts.

Use Caution! It is safer to wipe your sweaty areas while not in motion.